Robert Pattinson on Cosmopolis set last night in Toronto

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So, some of my peeps in the T. dot spotted some ´╗┐Robert Pattinson last night on the Cosmopolis set. When I say “spotted,” that’s what I literally mean. He was in and out of eyesight pretty damn fast. On Monday and Tuesday, Rob has been really awesome and signed for some fans after he was done shooting. He doesn’t HAVE to do this, guys. He’s just nice. Some people went down to set later in the evening and caught a glimpse of him as he was leaving his trailer to go back to set. They waited while he was chilling in there for a few hours apparently. That’s all fine, but just one thing from their story bothered me….

The driver left the car idling for 2 hours??? What the hell???? That is against the law. Not even that…..have you seen how much gas is lately? Kinda makes me laugh though….how people really don’t give a shit about the environment, and therefore their own well-being. A whole other post though!!

Back to the point – some quick shots of Rob – not great, but he flashed by and it was dark out it seems. Enjoy! Kinda.

Ooooo…side profile. Sexy.

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