Justin Bieber Tickets or Surviving for 2 Months. Both the Same Price!

Concert VIP tickets are getting way out of hand. Like eating french fries without ketchup out of hand.

A few years ago a concert VIP ticket included a kickass ticket and a meet and greet with the artist (if you were lucky). One Direction had them a few tour ago for $250, where you met the group, got a pic with them, and a decent seat. Justin Bieber did a couple tours ago as well for $400 and you got the same thing. Expensive for a parent, but with saving, manageable for some households. Then everyone started doing it but changed what you...

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Taylor Swift Treats Toronto to Keith Urban During Sold Out Show

Queen Taylor Swift hit up Toronto for the first of 2 sold out 50000 people shows at the Rogers Centre last night. I was there and it was purrrrrfect. I hadn’t gone on YouTube or researched the tour at all so it would be a surprise. I didn’t want to know the set list by heart before seeing the show.

Opening act, Shawn Mendes, came on first. Why was this so important?! IT’S HIS HOMETOWN, BITCHES!! He seemed pretty damn calm up there on stage. Dude, it’s the biggest arena in the country! The Jays just won the pennant!...

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WE Day Toronto Brings Out Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes & Nina Dobrev to Help Inspire

2015 is the 8th year that WE Day has been in existence. Back in 2007, Craig and Marc Kielburger kicked off the festivities at the Ricoh Colisseum here in the TDot, and yesterday it continued with 20 000 kids at the Air Canada Centre. It’s amazing that it all started with a flabbergasted 12 year old, who couldn’t grasp the fact that other kids his exact age were working in sweat shops for pennies. He inspired a dozen of his friends later that day and Free The Children was born.

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Ryan Reynolds & Analeigh Tipton Make Thousands Smile at Mississippi Grind Premiere at TIFF

Tsunami alert! Victoria’s Secret locations all over Toronto had a boom in sales today after last nights festivities with Ryan Reynolds at the Toronto International Film Festival.

He came early to the premiere of his movie, Mississippi Grind, at Roy Thompson hall to mingle with his fans. Like, super early. The earliest any A-lister has arrived on the red carpet during this entire festival. He went around the entire perimeter of fans. ALL OF THEM!! Be still my heart, Blake Lively has about...

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Susan Sarandon, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Elizabeth Moss in Toronto with Fans

 A lot of stars have been busy going all over downtown doing press at multiple places. 

Susan Sarandon was LOVELY and took selfies with everyone. She was here for About Ray and The Meddler.

Jason Bateman signed a few things but rushed to his next event. He was here for Family Fang.

Jennifer Jason Leigh!! Haven’t seen her in awhile. Here for Anomalisa.

Elizabeth Moss! She was most recently in Mad Men but...

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Salma Hayek Is All Smiles For Fans in Toronto

The lovely Salma Hayek has been doing so much press for her upcoming movie, September of Shiraz, at the Toronto International Film Featival. 

Woman is beautiful! Took tons of selfies and signed a ridiculous amount of pictures. 

Today, Saa was seen doing press and held up her cell phone saying she was on a FaceTime call, but it was disconnected haha. Just own it and say you’re not in the mood! 

Enjoy the pics below 😎


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Shia LaBeouf Gets Ridiculously Giddy on the red carpet for Man Down with Kate Mara in Toronto

The star of Transformers, Disturbia and Eagle Eye, the handsome Shia LaBeouf delighted Toronto last night at the premiere for his latest movie, Man Down, at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

He arrived with a gigantic smile on his face, being from ear to ear. Kid in a candy store is putting it lightly. Man in the champagne room is more like it. 

I told him he looked great on the carpet and he returned the compliment. He then laughed himself silly at the guy next to me who got his bald head...

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Johnny Depp Tosses Autograph Hounds to the Side & Gives Real Fans Love at Black Mass Premiere with Dakota Johnson, Kevin Bacon and Joel Edgerton

Johnny Depp is THE MAN!!!

Johnny is in a different class of celebrity. He’s joined by unattainable big wigs like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. They’re almost not real, figments of your imagination, made up characters in Hollywood that aren’t real people, right? It’s not like you’d actually get to meet them in real life. They live in gigantic castles surrounded by moats of chocolate with dragons at every entrance defending their beauty. That’s what...

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Kate Winslet Man-Handled My Cell Phone, Liam Hemsworth Greets EVERY Fan at Dressmaker Premiere

Saw Liam Hemsworth and Kate Winslet last night at the premiere for The Dressmaker. No big deal.

Told Kate she looked beautiful in her dress later that night at the after party. She replied, “What? God no, no, no, no.” Asked for a selfie with her, took one. “Oh the lighting is all wrong, let me do it.”

My phone was man-handled by Kate Winslet. It was like Titanic was happening in my heart. LOL not really, but I was sweating pretty hard during that...

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Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, John Slattery & Michael Keaton Dazzle on Spotlight Red Carpet. Liev Schriber, Not so Much

A star-studded cast walked King Street for the premiere of Spotlight, yesterday at the Princess of Wales theatre in Toronto.

First up was Mark Ruffalo. This man is so damn nice all the damn time. You would never guess he plays the Hulk haha. Last year I seemed to have run into him all over the place. Premieres, after parties, press, he was everywhere and was nice to every single person he came in contact with. King of TIFF last year and this year as well. HE’S BEEN CROWNED!!


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Tom Hiddleston Chit Chats with Fans at Toronto International Film Fest

I had heard from a few people over the weekend that Tom Hiddleston wasn’t in the greatest of moods while in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival. He was signing randomly, but few and far between. I didn’t really believe it. He’s all over the fans all the time. I was right.

I caught him outside the TIFF Lightbox just after the press conference for his movie, High Rise. He signed, chit chatted and took selfies with everyone there. He took my phone and did ours himself....

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John Goodman Looks Amazing for Trumbo at TIFF 2015

John Goodman was in town to promote his new film, Trumbo, getting rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival. I saw him at the press junket yesterday.

Yabba dabba doooo he looks good! He’s slimmed down substantially. He signed for a lot of people waiting outside. Man impresses me still! Way to go, John!


I wish I could say the same thing about Bryan Cranston, his co-star in the film. Boo.


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