We Still Miss Cory Monteith – 1 Year After His Death

You know how once in a blue moon you’ll meet someone and they make you feel welcome? Accepted, liked and listened to? Complete strangers don’t tend to do that during an initial conversation, but Cory Monteith did.

I was lucky to meet Cory several times in both fan and press settings. A lot of celebrities act nice to the press because they’re working and it’s apart of their job. It’s not genuine and it’s sometimes very apparent. Some celebrities aren’t always nice to fans either. Fans can be needy, loud and overly excited....

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Add Baby Daddy to Ryan Gosling’s Resume. Eva Mendes is Pregnant?

Get your kleenex from the bathroom, ladies. Do it before you continue reading this article.

OK Magazine has broken the story that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. Not just a little pregnant either, but 7 months along.

Has no one seen her in a few months? How is this only breaking now?

They are also stating that their “source” is saying that she wants to make the relationship official before the baby is born as well. If you’re an Eva fan you’d know she isn’t exactly pro-marriage....

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Community Gets Online Only 6th Season


One of the best shows on TV that wasn’t watched all that much has just been saved from the depths of TV heaven by Yahoo!!!!

Community was recently cancelled by NBC after its 5th season on the air. Then a miracle happened… It was revealed yesterday from creator, Dan Harmon, that the series has been purchases by Yahoo for a 13 episode 6th season that will be viewed online only. Take that Netflix and Hulu! Looks like you just got some competition with a cult following.


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Harry Styles Asks Bride to Leave Groom WHAT?!!??

Hahahahha!!! I can’t stop laughing! This guy totally NAILED it! Every boy band fans wedding dream (besides the obvious).

A groom in the UK took it upon himself to make his brides’ wedding day not only the most memorable day of her life, but world news.

The bride has been a fan of One Direction ever since that fateful X Factor night when Simon Cowell had an epiphany from the boy band Gods to put the boys together. Floppy hairstyles and random tattoos never cheered louder.

The groom somehow (I bet a magic genie)...

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O-Town Releases New Single “SkyDive!” Download This Bitch!

O-Town is back, bitches!

Hot on the tails of several reunions over the past few years, O-Town has reunited with 80% of their original cast. Dan Miller, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada and Jacob Underwood have all left their day jobs and started to practice their Liquid Dreams dance routine once again. No, Ashley Parker Angel is not participating. No worries though!

There has been some buzz on the net over the last few months of their return but no one had actually heard anything...

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The Backstreet Boys Get Paid Huge to Do Swedish Commercial!

The Backstreet Boys did a commercial! In Sweden! And got paid BIG TIME!

Remember their song, “Larger Than Life?” Well, they changed it to “Lager Than Life” and recreated the same dance number as back in the day. All in a warehouse in Sweden while looking just as spectacular. “Lager” means “warehouse” in Swedish. Get it, hahaha womp womp. Seems like a lot of work to me. Good thing they got paid a lump sum of $750 000. Probably got a Craft service...

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Wedding Pictures! Just cave and look at the dress

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got hitched this past weekend. Who didn’t know that?! Everyone, I mean everyone did. They made sure of it. Who doesn’t want to look at the pictures??!! I freaking do.

Her Dress. Yes, with a capital “D.” Be-autiful. I do like this one better than her last. I get why she wanted the whole fairy tale thing last time, as being her first formal wedding ceremony but this dress is more her. Givenchy couture gorgeousness. Oh, and baby North has a matching mini one just like it.


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YOU Could be in Star Wars: Episode 7. YES, YOU!!

Ever wanted to be in a movie? How about your favourite movie? Oh, how about the biggest franchise of all time? Listen up, here’s your chance. It’ll only cost you $10.

JJ Abrams, the director of “Star Wars VII,” has come up with the idea of someone, YOU, being in the movie. You could be Jar Jar Binx’s best bud or Yoda’s minion. Are they even going to be in the new one? I dunno, I’ve never seen any of them. Sounds pretty offing cool, doesn’t it?!!!

You get to go behind the scenes of...

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Katy Perry and Madonna Play With A Bit of Bondage for V Magazine

Katy Perry and Madonna both took to Instagram today to debut pictures from this summer’s upcoming issue in V Magazine. They’re both sporting leather and submissive poses to each other. I’d say it was like Madonna handing the torch down to Katy, but didn’t she already do that when she made out with Britney like 10 years ago?

Meh, I like Katy. She’s hilarious and makes a damn good show. She has horrible taste in guys, but so do...

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Girl Wood Alert! Josh Groban, Ke$ha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley to Host New Singing Show.

ABC just announced a new show for the summer with four fantastic hosts/judges/mentors called “Rising Star.” Who are they? Singers Josh Groban, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Ludacris.

Apparently there is a new concept surrounding this show. People will have to vote while it’s airing via an App that ABC will be putting out. That’s pretty teenager friendly. There will be vocalists competing against each other, no doubt.

Here’s my take on this show:

Josh is ridiculously...

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Lance Bass Planks Jimmy Fallon as Billy Bass

Does anyone else’s parents have a basement that came out of the 1970′s? You got a Billy Bass hanging on the wall too? It’s scary how long those batteries last and scarier how that thing motion detects the shit out of you when you’re doing 1am laundry downstairs.

“Take me to the riiiiver! Put me in the waaaater!!”

Well Jimmy Fallon thought about paying tribute to the gift for someone who has everything on his show this week. What better way to depict its majesty? A real life bass!


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John Krasinski Debuts Super Freaking Cute Daughter Hazel

Me heart John Krasinski. My love for JKras runs deep and anything he loves I love. It’s weird saying that and then talking about his child, but I’m just going to go with it. I’ve already had a beer today and it’s only 1pm. Go me!

John tweeted the other day our first picture of little Hazel. Digging the name, digging the cuteness and digging his stance on kid pics. I kinda agree – I don’t post stuff about celeb kids outside the business.

Look at little Hazel!!!!

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