5 Seconds of Summer Hurt Toronto than Kissed it Better

Holy shit, fan girls are smarter and slicker than ever. I used to be one (still am just way lazier) so I know the code, but fuck! Are there 5 hour make you Sherlock Holmes energy drinks now that I don’t know about? 

5 Seconds of Summer arrived in Toronto early Monday afternoon and their whereabouts were locked down to the minute. Hotel? Check. Gps locations per minute? Check. It’s not that that amazes me, it’s the fact that these girls kept shit on the down low the entire time! For reals! Like they...

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James Franco Filming in Guelph, Ontario this June

Live in the Toronto area and want to meet James Franco? Well, I have an opportunity for you!!

This guy is always busy with multiple projects on the go, but the Stephen King miniseries he’s in is slated to be filming in Guelph, Ontario over the next little while.

“When, Laura, when? I needs some Franco in my life!”

Don’t we all. I really do urge you to try to make it out. Take it from my experience, please. This guy is super nice and spends uber amounts...

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O-Town Conquered Toronto Last Night Leaving Female Casualties Satisfied

O-Town hit up Toronto last night.

Fuck, haven’t said that in ….um, like 13 years. Let me give you the scoop on how the show went, the meet and greet, and their apparently award-winning dermatologists.

I’m a certified boy band expert. I’d trademark that bitch if it wasn’t so expensive and time-consuming. Those little Directioners don’t know what they’re doing. It takes years of this to call yourself an expert. An aficionado. A virtuoso, if I may. Basically, I know this shit so my opinion...

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Wahlburgers Launches in Toronto with Paul and Donnie Wahlberg in Town to Support

I like burgers and I like boy banders. Putting them together never really ever crossed my mind. That’s like the most epic mash-up you could ever think of really.

Brothers Wahlberg took their blooming burger franchise north of the border to Toronto this month with the opening of their third restaurant and first international location of Wahlburgers in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. Lucky for me, I live across the street. Easy access at all time!

The launch party for the place was last night and 2/3 famous Wahlbergs were on hand...

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The Buried Life Are Coming to Toronto

The boys of the Buried Life are continuing their North American tour with some lovely new dates. The guys have been touring campuses for years now, discussing their book “What Do You Want to do Before You Die?” and all things on the list with you guys.

I’ve never seen them live, but would love to finally see them. Their message is clear and the voices of Jonnie, Dave, Duncan and Ben are relatable to college kids, and kids of all all ages, around the globe. Life is short and time is precious. Do what you love and strive...

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Nick and Knight Took Toronto Down with a Tsunami

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block joined forces for a CD, a tour and to devise a stealth and strategic plan to soak as many panties simultaneously as humanly possible. Seriously, more than an industrial sized washing machine.

Don’t you love my use of imagery?

The place: Sound Academy in Toronto. Who: Nick and Knight. I already went through that part. Why: Again, a devious concoction of pelvic thrusts, tailored suits and sweet sweet melodies.

I’m reliving the concert...

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One Direction Celebrates Niall Horan’s 21st Birthday at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

One Direction played in front of 65 000 screaming girls, boys, mothers and crying fathers last night at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. They had to park in New Mexico but the shrieks were heard all the way to Santa Monica. It was the third night in a row the boys accomplished this feat. Kind of a record-breaker. It was. Look it up.


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5 Seconds of Summer Turn The Rose Bowl into a Water Park

What’s with the title? Think of it in a dirty way. There ya go. Gross, yet amusing, right?

5 Seconds of Summer took the Rose Bowl Stadium stage for the 3rd night in a row last night. What made last night so special? I WAS THERE! Well, I missed more than half their set because apparently I had to park in Arizona. LA traffic is stupid but WHAT THE 4#!*SCK*#@!!!! Toronto traffic is effed up but that’s just because no one knows how to drive there. The quality of driving is better in Los Angeles, but last...

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Josh Hutcherson and Benicio del Toro in Toronto for Esobar: Paradise Lost

TIFF is still in full force people. Just when I thought I’d get a day off. Ugh. My feet hurt!

Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games and Benicio del Toro did their press today for the movie, Esobar: Paradise Lost. 

Josh plays a Canadian surfer, hahaha! Yes, those do exist. That means a lot of topless shots (let’s hope). I haven’t actually read up on this one yet so I won’t bore you with the unknown details. I could waste my time and look it up so I could give you some good background...

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Robert Pattinson Signed and Took Selfies With Every Freaking Fan at Maps to the Stars Premiere at TIFF

Today was a super busy day for the cast of Maps to the Stars. A live streamed press conference at the crack of dawn, a long ass press junket, minimal coffee breaks, and a gigantic international movie premiere. All those screaming fans and press praising your every word. And the clothes! No sleep, I bet, but probably still an ok day.

Robert Pattinson (holy fjaa3909afjl9#*@(ldkaj!!!!), John Cusack (tongue roll), Julianne Moore, Sarah Gadon, Olivia Williams, Evan Bird, and David Cronenberg were all on hand to debut the film.


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I Fell In Love With Benedict Cumberbatch – Imitation Game TIFF

Benedict Cumberbatch has been in Toronto for several days now and he’s still giving his A game. I’ve seen this man everyday since Saturday like he’s following me around. God, Benny, stop stalking me! Geez. What’s a girl gotta do to get a tall, English gentlemen off her back…or on it. ZING! Had to…

Benedict showed up to the premiere of Imitation Game 45 minutes early just so he could frolic with King Street in its entirety. Seriously! He signed and took selfies with freaking everyone! Everytime...

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Robert Pattinson, John Cusack and Julianne Moore at Maps to the Stars Press Junket at TIFF

The press junket and conference for David Cronenberg’s latest creation, Maps to the Stars, was this morning and you know what that means.

Utter chaos.

Actually, it was quite tame this AM. I thought the fans would have been camped out to see Robert Pattinson and his scruff in fine form. Naw, just 6am stragglers. C’mon guys, you’re slacking!

God knows I love me some RPatz. He’s always laughing and happy to see you. He stopped for some fans outside and the hysterics were kept to minimal. So...

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