Beyonce and Jay Z to Tour Together? H to the HOW MUCH?

Bananas!!! Right???!!!

I’d kill to see the Queen B and King Jay Z perform together. Wouldn’t you? H to the hells yeah! Ok, I’m way too white to say that.

The show would be outta this world. We all know it. I also know that I will not be able to partake in this magical event when it comes to my town because I’ll have to sacrifice my cat to some demi God in order to afford it. I don’t think he’d really appreciate that. The tickets for this show will be astronomical. I’m guessing…. $3-400...

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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter Looks Like His Dog Died At The Altar. Yuppee! Wedding!

It’s over.

You can throw out your scrapbook filled with clippings of wedding ideas and Nick Carter’s face.



C’est la vie.

The Backstreet Boys member once voted most likely to have an STD (c’mon) got hitched yesterday to his long time love, Lauren Kitt. I’m glad he’s seen the light. I’m glad he found someone who makes him happy. I hope this reflects in his song writing skills and some great love ballads result from this.

I’m not glad my high...

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Gavin DeGraw Makes One Fan Quiver At Toronto Show

A few nights ago, Gavin DeGraw played the Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Toronto. I myself was not present, but a very important Lauralikey Representative was. She graciously provided her description of her encounter when she met Gavin, not once, but twice that night and her review of the show.

“From Lawn seats to Front Row Centre!

Gavin DeGraw finally headlined a show in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It was incredible.

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