Watch Zac Efron all grown up and sexified in The Lucky One

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I never saw those High School Musical movies, and I have no urge to start. They were a little past the time where I’d be interested in them. My first Zac Efron appreciation salute came from Charlie St. Cloud.

Insert cartoon eyes bugged out of your head about a metre or so.


Ya, those eyes are back. I’ve seen a few interviews of Zac this week from his promo for New Years Eve, and I must say that the boy has grown up. Holy crap. And you know what is totally fantastic/awesome?! I don’t have to worry about that orange jumpsuit that so taunts me when I think about that werewolf we all know and love. Zac is a little more ripe for the pickin’. Oh lordy.

Well, then I saw The Lucky One trailer. Someone slap me outta this horndog state of paralysis. He’s first shown overseas fighting for his country all covered in sand, dirt, sweat and intrigue. Then they pan to when he finds the girl in the picture he found doing random yard work.

That’s when it hit me. There is nothing more seductive than an already smokin’ hot guy lifting things around the yard, in the sun, in a t-shirt with minimal sweat stains, with the look of determination and helpfulness. You could watch that sh*t for hours with a spiked lemonade in one hand and a kleenex for drool in the other. Just check out the trailer to agree with me.

You will.

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