Zac Efron on set of The Lucky One – – filming location?

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Haven’t seen the Zefron looking like this in awhile…and by “this” I mean, sweaty. We don’t get much of that up here in the north this time of year. I miss the sweatiness of the summer….I miss sweat, I miss Efron. Charlie St. Cloud should be on everyone’s xmas lists – twas a good movie! And I don’t like chick flicks, so that says a lot.

Anyhoodles, Zac was photographed recently on the set of his new movie, The Lucky One. Filming is located in New Orleans, Louisiana….so, if you have time away from your Breaking Dawn stalking, give me the deets on Efron. I mean, who isn’t a fan of a good armband tattoo?

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3 Responses to Zac Efron on set of The Lucky One – – filming location?

  1. Cory says:

    I went to high school while this was filming. It was just down the street from me. The only detail I can give you is that it wasn’t New Orleans, per say. It was my hometown, Covington. It’s north of New Orleans.

    Sorry I’m over a year late.

  2. sara says:

    Was not filmed in covington I worked on this movie and it was filmed around chalmette

  3. Joy says:

    Part of this film was cast in Abita Springs Louisiana I was there the day they filmed the movie

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