Zac Efron on Details Mag| Go see Charlie St.Cloud….but I didn’t tell you. No, I won’t admit it.

  • SumoMe

I’m still on the platform not sure if I want to board the Zac Efron train. Just don’t know.

Saw Charlie St.Cloud last night with the bff and well……he was kinda good?

Crap, I just said something nice about him. It bothers me, ok? I just have to remember my encounter with him in Vancouver and go back to being judgemental.  And let’s face it. If I didn’t joke/ridicule people wouldn’t come here to read about it.

Nice = boring.

There is one scene in St. Cloud that is rather hot. Like steamy hot. Caught me off guard a bit. I couldn’t help thinking …”Really? Efron is this hot? He can be capable of it?” He made out with whoever that actress is like a champ.

Like a champ.

Sh*t. I hate to admit it, but go see Charlie St. Cloud.

And pick up this month’s Details Magazine. The Efron is on the cover.

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