Zac Efron likes to go to strip clubs after seeing Broadway musicals. Huh??

  • SumoMe

Zac Efron is “alright” in my mind. Maybe even “ok.” “Slightly cute?” He’s just kinda young so it puts me in an awkward position. To go the pedophile route or not? See what I mean? I have nothing against the guy, so please don’t think that I do. He was on Kimmel the other night and revealed a rather enjoyable secret. He and one of his high school musical buddies went to a strip club.


He’s likable. Done deal.

What concerns me though, is the fact that he went after seeing a Broadway musical. So….you felt not so manly from the singing and dancing, then felt the need to see some oozing vag? Sorry buddy, but you should be pretty much shacking up in a brothel with the career you have. Hmmm…


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