Zac Efron does Regis & Kelly for Charlie St. Cloud |VIDEO|

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No one makes me feel like a pedophile quite like Zac Efron. What with his panty worthy abs, shaggy coif, boyish good looks, and height barely surpassing my own. All ingredients for a fine-looking high school senior, many years my junior.


Life is short.

He was somewhat douchey to me in person, but who can stay mad at a face like that!! And sadly, he can actually act. That’s more than I can say about some other young celebs out there these days Kristen Stewart. He was in New York City today on Regis & Kelly, promoting his Vancouver-made movie Charlie St. Cloud. Delightful.

I know I’ll be catching this during the late showing just to make myself feel better. Late showing = less children.

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  1. i totally missed him on regis, however i did see Charlie St. Cloud and it was so amazing~

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