You could meet the cast of One Tree Hill in Hollywood this January

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I’ll be honest. I haven’t ever seen an episode of One Tree Hill. I don’t know the significance of some basketball court and some dude with the same name as a body orifice. What I do know is that a few of my friends go ape shit over this show. Like more crazy that a low grade Bieber fever. I know, that must mean this show is good. The show is about to enter its final season and the set auctioned off a bunch of its memorabilia. See, that’s one good reason why I don’t want to start watching this show. I’ll like it, want to go to the set and then be uber disappointed because it’s been scrapped. I don’t like to set myself up for disappointment. It’ll just bring me back to when it all began when I was 6 and found out that Sesame Street was not in fact a real street. Oscar and Grover lived on a street of lies. I just can’t handle that kind of stress at my age.

Anyways, the point. Right, yeah, I forgot. Some of the cast of One Tree Hill will be appearing at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on January 5, 2012 for “An Evening with One Tree Hill.” I’m assuming they’ll be watching one of the new episodes and doing a question and answer slash can I have a hug session. Some of the cast members are quite delightful to look at. I suggest getting a nice latte and watching the scenery.

The Cast of One Tree Hill

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