You can meet Kim Kardashian in Toronto for just $50!

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Kim Kardashian will be making an appearance at the Bay on Queen Street on May 10, 2012 for anyone that cares. She’ll be there to promote (Kanye) her new jewelry line called “Belle Noel.” Pretty Christmas? What? It’s only April. I know that people like to get a head start on that crap but c’mon. Do you get to sit on Santa’s lap if you buy something? Kim’s? Oh, you have to spend $50 to even have the chance to talk to her? Did Kris Humphries know that? Maybe that’s what went wrong….

Ba dum bum

Anyways, she’ll be at the store from 4:30-5:30pm. I presume that’s when her makeup expires. I kid! I kid (not really)! I’m sure she’s a fabulous person that has gained all of her fame and fortune based on pure talent. I mean I’m not “saying she’s a gold digger…but she ain’t messin’ with no broke n****”

Ha ha I kill myself.

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