Why isn’t there going to be a Glee tour this year?

  • SumoMe

Oh wo-is-me! What a sad time it is! It was announced a few days ago that Glee will not be having a tour this summer after season 3 ends. I get why they’re not. They work like 380 hour days for most of the year and then they were expected to do a 40 city tour at the end of that. That leaves them with like 2 weeks vacation before the next season starts filming. Basically that equals burn out and no time for any non-Glee related projects. It was a great time for fans to try and meet their fave Gleeks though. Last year was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!! For me anyways. Sure I paid stupid amounts of money for good concert tickets, only to meet them on the street later that night (big waste of cash). Lesson learned though! In case you missed last year’s festivities during the Glee tour in Toronto, take a look at my post about it. It’s probably the longest post I’ve ever done. And it’s magical. I hear unicorns prance around it from time to time.

Glee Tour Toronto 2011

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