Who wants to get to second base with Justin Bieber?

  • SumoMe

Wanna know what it’s like to get groped by Justin Bieber? Just as Selena Gomez. Personally, I don’t know how she went from Taylor Lautner to him, but it’s none of my business. Hello muscles! To no muscles. I guess it’s the whole singing thing. They probably both sing to each other in the shower while they point out the new hairs they’re getting.

Hahah that made me laugh.

As long as they’re happy, right? As for all the girls sending death threat to Selena. REALLY?? REEEALLLY???? Be realistic for 3 seconds, would you? You don’t have a chance. Let him be happy. And her for that matter. Let them count their hairs in peace.

Here are the recycled pics of them groping each other on New Year’s.

I wish I had a big boat when I was 17.

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