Want to meet Michael Buble in Toronto???

  • SumoMe

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! You will want to read this post! The devilishly delicious Michael Buble is in town. He is in Toronto! He’ll be here today and tomorrow and then he’s off to the UK. Today he is doing a private concert for CHFI 98 listeners that you needed to win tickets for. Don’t fret! Tomorrow he will be appearing on the Marilyn Denis show live at 10am. If you don’t have tickets, again don’t fret. You can watch outside for a glimpse and pray (bang on windows to get his attention) to get him to come outside. OR just try to figure out where else he’s going to be to find him. I’ve met Michael and holy crap, he’s good. Not just good looking, but good. As in SOO NICE and so friendly.

Why is here in town? Duh, to see YOU! Well, that and he’s doing a little promotion. His book comes out on October 25th. YEAH, he’s an author! Who knew? And of course as you know, his Christmas album hits shelves here in Canada on October 24th. I love that we get it way before our neighbours to the south. It just makes us even more special.


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