Want to get a pic with Nick Carter? Oh, it’ll just cost you $150

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I love the Backstreet Boys, I really do. It’s kind of obvious actually, and my mother hates it about me. I think they cost her a lot of money when I was a child. Ha! A lot is an understatement. But guess what? THEY WERE GREAT BACK THEN! They still are great, in their own way, but their music hasn’t been since about 2005.

Oh 2005. The last year it was free to see a soundcheck and free to get a picture with them. Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty in NYC? You know those punks that dress up like her and get you to take a pic with them? You know how they slyly point to their $10 a picture box afterwards? AFTERWARDS?! Have you ever been to Rome, Italy? You know the punks dressed like gladiators outside the Colloseum? You know how they get you to take pics with them and then say it’s like 5 euros afterwards? AFTERWARDS?! Yeah, have you ever met a Backstreet Boy? You know how they love their fans and want to meet each and every one of them? You know how they charge hundreds of dollars now for what they used to do for free?

I didn’t know they were national monuments or wonders of the world. Damn. They’re hot, but, really? Not that the punks have an excuse at those places either, but at least they’re not already millionaires. I should totally charge my friends for all those pics they’ve tagged me in on facebook. I mean, the less successful you are the more they should cost, right? I’M GONNA BE RICH!

So Nick Carter is doing a couple shows here and there over the summer. He happens to be doing one here in Toronto in August at the CNE. It’s at the most ghetto outdoor arena we’ve got. Tickets? An amazing $14 on top of the $20 entrance fee (bonus!). If you want to get a pic with Nick? Oh, that will cost you $150 in US buckeroos.

Now, this hurts me to say this. IT REALLY DOES! He used to plaster my walls. Put out another “I Want it that Way” and maybe I could justify it. MAYBE!!!

Please comment on this. I want to hear what you think about this. Both sides very welcome.


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  1. Caitlin says:

    I was so pumped to seethe tickets were so cheap as silly me thought that maybe they realized charging 150 bucks for VIP for shows was a bit much, but sadly as I checked the price I was dumbfounded to see that nope it’s still a rip off! But I guess if there are people out there still willing to pay that they can get away with it. Truth is alot of us backstreet fans have grown up and need our money to actually survive in life. Heck sent me back to the good old days when I had no responsibility to pay bills or insurance and sure I’d be willing to pay that and have a good time. Now? It’s just laughable to me to pay that

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