Victoria Beckham clones herself. Stop the madness! Quick, get a cookie!

  • SumoMe

Why would you want to clone this???????????

Fake boobs, fake smile, fake nails, fake everything. It’s bad enough that when Posh turns to the side she disappears. No wonder there’s been speculation about trouble with her marriage. David can’t f’ing find her! Imagine the poor kids! They must be so confused! Is their mom a spice girl or a member or Hogswarts.

Poor Sporty. You have no career so you decide to follow this??? REALLY???????? Victoria is famous for being David’s wife, not for being anything special or talented. Hahaha. Omg if Sporty gets fake boobs and paints herself orange I’ll sh*t.

Somebody’s gotta scare Posh away for good. C’mon people! Let’s all chase her out of town with a cookie. St. Patrick chased all the snakes out of Ireland. I’ll chase all the anorexors out of Britain. St. Laura – I kinda like it.

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