Top 10 Men to Lust for in 2012

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There are so many stars out there that don’t shine as bright as Brad Pitt and frankly, shouldn’t. This isn’t because they aren’t deserving, aren’t as bountiful in the gorgeous department or aren’t as talented. Who wants to? That dude is up to his earlobes in puke, diapers and whining. Sorry Brad, but your time as the brightest star in the heavens is coming to an end. Make room for the next generation. These next 10 gentlemen are, in my meager opinion, on the brink of something spectacular! Sensational! That, or they’re really good to double click your mouse to or imagine while you’re doing your bf/husband/lover/assistant/blow-up Taylor Lautner. You already know these guys but haven’t scrapped your R-Patz locker poster for one of theirs yet.

You will.

Get your extra set of panties ready, ladies. Let’s begin.

#10 – Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf

On a what I’ll assume was a sunny and sweaty August 26th in the year 1991 (now 20), Dylan was born. This guy plays scene-stealing Stiles in MTV’s new rendition of the 80’s movie, Teen Wolf. Sorry, but he totally does steal the scenes. Everyone seems to be all “Omg I wanna do him” about the Tyler’s of the show, but this guy is where it’s at. He’s who everyone is really watching and hopes gets the girl in the end. Although Dylan seems to have a very bleak acting background, he’s got his comedic timing DOWN. Talented? Indeedy! The funny ones have always been the sexiest and he fits nicely into this category. Look at him! You just wanna pinch those cheeks! The ones on his face too! I like the show anyways, but if it suddenly gets canned mid-season I’ll tune into whatever this guy does next. Just please don’t start dating a Lohan. Stay free of anything even resembling something of that nature.

Follow Dylan on his twitter here – – -> @DylanOBrien

#9 – – – Joshua Bowman from Revenge

On March 4, 1988 in Berkshire, UK (yes, ENGLAND!) Joshua Bowman was born. He better have an accent. That’s an automatic 3 extra points. He’d be scoring a 12 and that’s unheard of! Anyways, Joshua stars as Daniel Grayson, Emily’s fake love interest on the new drama Revenge. Fake schmake. She still gets to fake screw him! I’m kinda addicted to this show at the moment. It’s one of those shows where the season finale is going to be a complete shit show. Everyone goes nuts and there’s tons of sex and violence. I was never one for chick flicks. He’ll also be appearing in the movie So Undercover next year. Damn it! I was in New Orleans for a part of the taping for that movie! See, unknowns can sneak up on you like that. One more fast fact. Josh has impeccable taste in women! He used to date one of the world’s best talents Amy Winehouse. RIP.

Follow Joshua on twitter here – – -@JoshuaTBowman

#8 – – –Thomas Dekker from The Secret Circle

Thomas’ tale began on December 28, 1987 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He plays the brooding Adam on The Secret Circle and Cassie’s fated love interest. I kinda love that the show is filmed all over my family’s ‘hood in Vancouver. Their corner store, grocery store and crack house are all featured on a weekly basis. It’s so comforting :). Cool fact about Thomas? He was also up for the role of Edward in the Twilight movies, but obviously got beat out by RPatz. He does kinda looks like him. He now plays and Edward-like character anyways. This guy has kinda been around a lot. He used to be on Heroes and was John Connor in the Terminator tv show that was out a couple years ago.

Catch Thomas on twitter here – – – @theThomasdekker

#7 – – –Dustin Milligan from Shark Night 3D and Sisters and Brothers

Dustin drips with sex. Firstly, because he was born in Yellowknife, Canada on July 28, 1985 (now 26). Canadians are always the hottest ones in the room. You know it. We don’t shout to the rooftops where we’re from whenever we get the chance (ahem, Americans) because we don’t need to. We’re just better. Oh, and have you seen what’s under Dustin’s shirt? Watch his movies and you’ll see. It’s not purely superficial over here on Lauralikey so I’ll mention more than just looks. Dustin is a super awesome guy. I got to meet him for half a second after his TIFF premiere of Sisters and Brothers. He was nice to me as well as the throngs of young adoring fans that oogled him while their salivary glands kicked into overdrive. He’s responded to us on twitter too, so he’s approachable. Have I sold you yet? LOOK AT HIM! WATCH HIS SHIT! LISTEN TO ME, DAMN IT! That is all.

Tweet Dustin here – – -@DustinWMilligan

#6 – – – Steven McQueen of the Vampire Diaries

Screw Stefan and Damon. Seriously, who cares about them. When Jeremy got accidentily killed that time on the show my heart skipped a beat. Another scene stealer, ladies. Do you even care who he’s making out with on the show? Whether it’s Vicky, Anna or Bonnie, no one can take their eyes off those lips. Dear gawd! Oh right, he was born on July 13, 1988 (he’s now 23 for the non-mathematical). I keep mentioning dates of birth because I know you dig it. Teenage girls are notorious for knowing the birthdays of the celebs they love and kinda carry that trait on throughout life. You’ll end up knowing the birthdays of every ex-boyfriend, bff and co-worker that didn’t drive you up the wall. Some call it a gift, others a curse. Anyways, screw Elena and those vampire hunters. Everyone really wants to see Steven’s wooden stake instead.

Follow Steven on twitter here – – -@McQueenStevenR

#5 – – – Jake M Johnson from New Girl

On May 20, 1979 in a suburb of Chicago, the handsome Jake Johnson was born. He plays Nick on New Girl, or the dude that will end up with Jess but just hasn’t realized it yet. Actually, it’s mid-season and you can already see the twinkle in his eye. He’s so freakin’ cute on this show. He’s got leading man written all over him! I think we should strip him down just to make sure! It’s always better to be safe than sorry. I knew that I knew this dude from somewhere (kinda the point of this post). He was in that movie with Natalie Portman and the guy that used to be married to Demi Moore, No Strings Attached. Oh, and he’s on Jonah Hill‘s new show, Allen Gregory. Bad news bears alert! Jakey here is hitched. She’s probably a lovely woman, but assuming hot people are single is half the allure.

Follow Jake on twitter here – – @Markjakejohnson

#4 – – – Shane West from Nikita

You probably know Shane from a whole wack of other stuff rather than Nikita. ER and A Walk to Remember may ring a bell. I STILL can’t watch that movie without blubbering like a baffoon. What a waste of good mascara. Waterproof my ass. Oh right, his birthday is June 10, 1978 (now 33). What really grinds my gears is that this dude probably lives within walking distance to me and I have YET to see him on the street! A bunch of my friends have, but not me. He’s only lived here in Toronto for like a year and a half. Hey Shane, if you’re reading this say hi! Toronto loves you. Please don’t leave us! Ever! Haha back on track. If you don’t watch Nikita, please do. Shane’s character, Michael, is sorta kickass. If Shane isn’t enough for you to watch it (I’ll beat you senseless), then please continue on to the next contestant. I’ll make you see the light.

Follow Shane on twitter here – – -@ShaneWest_1

#3 – – – Devon Sawa from Nikita

If you’ve been listening to me than you’ll be starting to watch this show like I’ve asked you to. Thank you. I knew you’d do it once you realized that Devon was on it. I know you’re also thinking “Holy shitballs, I haven’t seen this guy is forevs!” You have if you were paying attention. I remember having the Teen Magazine cover he did up in my locker (crap, that shows my age) and playing Casper until the damn tape wore out. Anyone else notice that episode of NCIS: Los Angeles he did? I did. I LOVE that Devon spends so much time in my little ‘ol city as well. He’s Canadian too (please see #7 for my rant on how much better we are, eh?). Born on September 7, 1978 in the lovely Vancouver, British Columbia. He’s got a bunch of movies coming up in the near future that I have probably already mentioned here on the blog. Use the search engine, I’m too lazy to repeat it all. Oh, and this guy is INSANE on the twitter! I say that in the best way possible. He tweets back his fans and keeps us constantly up to date on what he and the hound are doing.

Follow Devon on twitter here – – @DevonESawa

#2 – – – Darren Criss from Glee

On February 5, 1987 the magnificent Darren Criss was born. Sure, Glee is the most ginormous show on TV at the moment and everyone is all about the Finchel (me included). Blaine is kinda getting more and more popular with every passing show though. He gave us the Warblers and the most successful Glee song released to date (Teenage Dream). Darren went to college at U of M in Ann Arbor and partied hard like most college kids, then made it big. Call it beginners luck or call it ridiculous talent. He’s leaving Glee for a stint on Broadway that starts in a couple days. He’ll be taking over for Daniel Radcliffe in the show “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” This boy is going to GO places after Glee retires. I’ve been lucky enough to DNA swap with this guy (via hug) and the rumors are true. He is fabulous and super nice. He did the most meet and greets during that little Glee tour they had last summer as well. What about the other members, hmm? Oh right.

Follow Darren on twitter here – – -@DarrenCriss

#1 – – -The Eric Christian Olsen from NCIS: Los Angeles and my heart

This man has been my number one for a long time now. He makes my heart go pitter patter and patter pitter. That’s right, he makes it go backwards, ladies and gentlemen. You thought it wasn’t possible, but some how, some way, Eric did it. This guy is so AMAZINGLY FUNNY and makes me laugh on a daily basis! Even if I don’t catch his show one week I can look forward to his hilarious tweets. He tweets back by the truck loads and promises people ponies! Where were you when I was 6? Now a pony would just eat me out of house and home, but it’s the thought that counts. Eric is definitely THAT GUY. You know you’ve seen him in a shit load of stuff and pissed your pants during most of them, yet he doesn’t plaster the covers of gossip magazines everywhere? Is he a magician? A supreme illusionist? Does he occasionally disguise himself as Jim Carrey? That’s why Jim’s funny! The people at NCIS should give this guy a raise. I don’t care if he already makes enough money to feed most of Africa, give him more. Have you seen the going rate for ponies these days? If you’re reading this Eric, please say hello. Maybe I could interview you one day over a beer and tacos.

Please follow Eric on twitter here – – – @EricCOlsen               I said follow him damn, it!

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