The Walking Dead season 2 sneak peek!

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Anyone else watch “The Walking Dead?”

That show is the shiz!!!! Seriously, it’s good. If you’re sick of the same repeated sitcom, tune into AMC starting October 16. I watched this show last season and I was thoroughly impressed. They took the whole zombie craze to the next level. I was like “what the f**K is going to happen??” during every episode. Sadly, there were only 6 episodes for season 1. Well, there are going to be 13 for season 2 according to the cast at Comic-Con in San Diego today. I tried to see these guys at Paleyfest in L.A. back in March, but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.

The blood, the gore, the chick who was sleeping with her husband’s best friend ‘cuz she thought he was dead and now the best friend is batshit crazy jealous cuz the hubby is alive……

What more could you want in a tv show?

Here’s the clip they showed today at Comic-Con of season 2!!

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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