The Cast of Southland shooting the hell outta shit

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The cast of Southland got together a little while ago to shoot the f**k outta sh*t. Just for practice though! Luckily for us someone was there to film the entire thing. Ben McKenzie, Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, and newbie Lucy Liu were all there to practice their aim and for a little friendly competition. Who won? Like I’m going to just tell you. You have to watch the damn video to find out!

I’m glad it’s them shooting those things. I know it’s just pretend on the show, but guns freak the hell outta me. When I was younger my older brother used to chase me around my backyard with a jumbo-sized super soaker. I was too swift to be hit but those pre-pubescent taunts still haunt me to this day. Don’t worry, I got him back. Who needs weaponry? I just waited until he fell asleep and then poured a large bucket of water on him. Why waste all that energy running around? Sure I got in sh*t, but the shear shock and terror on his face was worth it. This has nothing to do with Southland though…..I’ll stop.

Let’s get on to the sexy goodness! Watch Southland on TNT premiering January 17, 2012. You know, just in case you didn’t listen the first 10 000 times I posted about it.

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3 Responses to The Cast of Southland shooting the hell outta shit

  1. tri5 says:

    Thanks for the link with the pic of Ben, anon. That’s a little more what I was hoping to see.

    Thanks for supporting Ben, Laura. I saw a comment replying to a previous post that was on the money. Ben’s very under the radar and underrated already, not the kind of person to spend his time on shameless self-promotion on social media, something that seems to be the norm, so your fun efforts are a boost. Thanks for keeping us up to date on his work and I hope there will be new projects coming soon, although I’ll take Southland for now if it’s Ben-related. If you have something more exclusively Ben, I’ll be paying attention. He’s the reason I still watch Southland.

  2. Laura says:

    Glad you guys enjoy the Ben stuff as much as I do. I try to put up pics when I can, but because of copyright issues I don’t all the time. If there happen to be links in the comments section *wink* then enjoy.

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