Taylor Swift’s got a new guy – Not Chord Overstreet

  • SumoMe

I’ve said Taylor Swift was my man-hunting hero many times, but I may be reconsidering. She’s gotten down (or successfully food many) with some of Hollywood’s hottest guys. This time I think she’s just pulling a good ‘ol John Mayer.

She was seen at a hockey game with Glee’s Chord Overstreet recently. Was Cory Monteith busy? When she was dealing with Mayer she was seen out with Cory. Now that it’s over?with Jake she’s out with Chord. She’s seeing someone else who hasn’t even been mentioned yet on the side. She is. It’s how she operates. She will run out of Glee castmates eventually so…. I wanna know who the real new guy is. C’mon…any guy would be lucky to have a T-swizzle for his stick! Just admit it! haha

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