Taylor Lautner, Abduction, & why he leaves Rob Pattinson in the dust

  • SumoMe

We all know that Taylor Lautner is the shit, but dear gawd. Have you seen the “Abduction” preview? Oh me, oh my. As I’ve said many many times before – he is the one celeb that makes me see the orange jumpsuit in the distance. He is oh so young, but omg. I’m not exactly old, but he makes me feel grey and wrinkled before my time.

He’s gonna be the next Tom Cruise, before the crazy, for sure. I’m talking Top Gun and Risky Business Tom Cruise. Good Tom Cruise. Twilight will be a wee stepping stone for this young tot. I hate to say it…..oh, it’s hard to say it…the words are cutting my throat as they form on my tongue and feel like a thousand papercuts on my fingers as I begin to type this…..

….he’ll make us think “Robert Pattinson, who?” I give it a couple years….but yes, indeed.

Omg, I have to go cry now.

————>>>>>> Taylor Lautner Abduction trailer

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