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Naomi Watts has good taste in shoes for Demolition press conference

Girl has good taste in shoes! Yes, I’m talking about Naomi Watts. I could never wear them. They’re one of those super high heels. You know, the ones only special people can wear. My feet just don’t bend that way. … Continue reading

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Josh Hutcherson and Benicio del Toro in Toronto for Esobar: Paradise Lost

TIFF is still in full force people. Just when I thought I’d get a day off. Ugh. My feet hurt! Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games and Benicio del Toro did their press today for the movie, Esobar: Paradise Lost.  Josh plays a … Continue reading

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Robert Pattinson Signed and Took Selfies With Every Freaking Fan at Maps to the Stars Premiere at TIFF

Today was a super busy day for the cast of Maps to the Stars. A live streamed press conference at the crack of dawn, a long ass press junket, minimal coffee breaks, and a gigantic international movie premiere. All those screaming … Continue reading

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I Fell In Love With Benedict Cumberbatch – Imitation Game TIFF

Benedict Cumberbatch has been in Toronto for several days now and he’s still giving his A game. I’ve seen this man everyday since Saturday like he’s following me around. God, Benny, stop stalking me! Geez. What’s a girl gotta do … Continue reading

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Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Dax Shepard, Abigail Spencer, Corey Stoll, Kathryn Hahn at This Is Where I Leave You Premiere TIFF

A clusterfuck of celebrities were in town to premiere the new movie This Is Where I Leave You. So many of them piled out of a party van that I didn’t know where to look. That’s the main dilemma of TIFF, you … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo at FoxCatcher Premiere. 1000 Women Orgasm Simultaneously

FLOOD ALERT! FLOOD ALERT! I REPEAT! FLOOD ALERT!  Potential evacuation may take place in downtown Toronto tonight! What’s with the weather advisory? Well, Channing Tatum premiered his new movie, Foxcatcher, and a thousand women gathered to witness the event. Just imagine the … Continue reading

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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington at Cake Premiere at TIFF

The beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, breath-taking, sultry, sleek, sculpted, generous, joyous, and overwhelmingly angelic Jennifer Aniston graced Yonge Street with her presence this afternoon at the premiere for her new movie Cake at the Toronto International Film Festival. Her striking fiancee Justin Theroux … Continue reading

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Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Ansel Elgort at the Men, Women and Children Premiere

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner and Ansel Elkort walked the red carpet for Men, Women and Children yesterday at the Ryerson theatre. Bill Murray also strayed into the premiere barely noticed. Jennifer signed for fans, Adam posed and waved and Ansel … Continue reading

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James Franco Selfie’d His Fans at Tiff

James Franco made Tiff stop at a standstill for his film, The Sound and the Fury. He swaggered in, swatted away the damned Sharpies (autograph hounds) and posed for selfie after selfie with his throngs of fans. I fucking love … Continue reading

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Jake Gyllenhaal ‘d All Over The In Style Party at TIFF

September 6, 2014. The day my vagina died. The In Style party at Tiff doesn’t tend to draw the A listers because it usually happens on a weekday. This year they got smart and booked that shit on a Saturday. … Continue reading

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Celebrities Attending TIFF Released *FAN GIRL DOWN!*

The official Toronto International Film Festival schedule has been released along with its confirmed stars. Hotel room prices are drastically inflated and VIP passes are worth more than high quality drugs. There will probably be a lot of those too. … Continue reading

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2014 Toronto International Film Fest Celebrity Stalking Has Begun…

The stars are upon us. Celebrities, not those damn balls of gas thousands of light years away. Screw them! I can never see them through the sweet Toronto smog anyway. The first films of the 39th Toronto International Film Festival … Continue reading

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