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Ben McKenzie to appear on Live with Kelly

Just a friendly reminder that Ben McKenzie will be a guest on Live with Kelly on Thursday, March 1, 2012. He’ll be probably talking about the Southland finale. Maybe he’ll mention some future projects? Hmmm??? If there are any New … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie flirts at a Laker game

I love all the Ben McKenzie mail I get! You guys are on top of that shiz! You make my life so much easier and I really appreciate it. I’m glad you’re into the gorgeousness as much as I am. … Continue reading

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New Ben McKenzie interview on Southland. Sorry, he’s clothed.

Ben McKenzie did what looks like a pretty low key street side interview recently and talked about the evolution of his character on Southland. It’s quite a long interview and he talks about loads of interesting stuff. Did he really? … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie talks being a slut on Jimmy Kimmel

The ruggedly handsome Ben McKenzie was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote the new season of Southland. Ben talks about how his gig on the show has gotten him out of a ticket or two with the cops. After throwing his EX … Continue reading

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Happy Southland season premiere day!

Happy season premiere of Southland day!!!! Season 4 of the fantabulous show airs tonight. Make sure you message me what you think. I want to know! I need to know! Listen to me, damn it! Your reaction is probably going … Continue reading

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The Cast of Southland shooting the hell outta shit

The cast of Southland got together a little while ago to shoot the f**k outta sh*t. Just for practice though! Luckily for us someone was there to film the entire thing. Ben McKenzie, Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, and newbie Lucy … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie soaking wet in Southland

I don’t really have to say anything about this post. It’s pretty much just for looking at. Call it the trophy wife of posts. Ben McKenzie after being drenched, soaked or showered in water. We’d like to think that it … Continue reading

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A Very Happy Birthday to Southland’s Michael Cudlitz

It’s the little things in life that really put a smile on your face. The other night I received a DM on twitter from this lovely man. Michael Cudlitz let me know that he appreciates all the support that I … Continue reading

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New Southland promos with Ben McKenzie!

While I’m in the Christmas spirit I will continue to post about people whom I love the MOST! I hope that you do too, but I already know that you do. I’ll also be posting so I can escape the … Continue reading

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New Southland season 4 promo pics featuring Ben McKenzie

‘Tis the season to be giving and that’s exactly what TNT is doing today! The network was nice enough to release some brand spanking new pictures from Southland season 4 for ya’ll to drool over. I know I did. This … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie on Southland set & at UNICEF gala

More Ben McKenzie requests! Me loves! So sorry that I haven’t been on top of him (as if hhahahahah) lately. I’ve been so overwhelmed with those vampires and werewolves. No excuse, I know. He’s been hard at work at Southland … Continue reading

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Where has Ben McKenzie been? Here.

Everyone has been like, “Laura, what is Ben McKenziedoing? Where is he?” Well, he’s been doing exactly what you think he’s been doing. He’s been filming Southland. There have been a couple twitter pics floating around over the last day … Continue reading

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