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Ben McKenzie presenting and Michael Cudlitz WINNING at the 17th Prism Awards

Last night in Beverly Hills Hollywood writers, producers, actors and creative beings alike gathered together to celebrate the best of the best in the depiction of substance abuse and addiction. You know who was nominated? You know who won? You … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie at Lakers Game with Alexander Skarsgard

Yup, another Ben McKenzie post. You asked for it so you got it. Here he is at the Staples Center over the weekend taking in a Lakers game. If you’re wondering who that extremely tall and handsome man talking to … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie may star in new CBS pilot, “The Advocates”

Don’t freak out, ok? It’s good news regardless. No need to panic or send me panic-y emails! Please. As reported on Deadline”, Ben McKenzie has signed on for a new CBS pilot entitled “The Advocates.” It’s a new drama about … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie’s Conan O’Brien Interview

Oh look, I just got a few friendly reminders from you guys that I didn’t post a link to Ben McKenzie‘s interview with Conan O’Brien. My sincere apologies. I swear, if I didn’t post about him I’d be chased, hunted … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie on Conan O’Brien February 25th

I have some news for the night owls out there and people with impeccable taste. The always delicious Ben McKenzie will be on Conan O’Brien tomorrow night – Monday, February 25, 2013. Make sure to watch! I’m super bummed ‘cuz … Continue reading

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Southland S5 Premieres Tonight. Turn it the FUCK ON!

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I would just like to politely take this time to remind you to get the fuck off your computer/phone/tablet/whatever the hell your reading this on and get your ass in front of your television … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie’s fam jam!

Ben McKenzie was spotted by some friendly? paps the other day with his fam! Aww, how cute. A mini Adidas fam-jam. Where’s Oscar? What’s today….oh yeah, February 11th. Two days, baby! That’s right, just 2 more days until the premiere … Continue reading

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Southland is premiering February 13th, bitches!

Hey peeps. It’s getting closer and closer! “To what, Laura? The end of the world?” No, people. Those Mayans were wrong. Well, half wrong. The Kimye baby is indeed happening (Joke Re: Joel McHale). The Southland premiere! It’s approaching quicker … Continue reading

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How I feel about Chad Michael Murray joining the cast of Southland

The other day it was released that Chad Michael Murray was joining the cast of Southland. I don’t know how I feel about this. Now before you get your flatirons ready to attack, let me finish. I have never really … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie gives back at Salute to Police & Firefighters

Ben McKenzie was all nice and giving back yesterday with his appearance at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Salute to Hollywood Division Police Officers and Fire Department Personnel in, you guessed it, Hollywood. Look at him all filled with charity … Continue reading

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Southland S5 set pics & Ben’s doing a play!

Oh Southland, how you make my heart beat faster. Screw you Canadian tv networks for not picking it up. And I mean more than a network only available on the highest priced extras package your cable provider offers. Downloading is … Continue reading

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Southland confirmed for Season 5- Fuck yes!

I got this little message today and loved it so I think I’ll share…. “From anon – Hi. Just wanted to tell you that Southland has officially been renewed for a Season 5 by TNT. bye..” Simple, minus the jibber … Continue reading

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