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Shia LeBoeuf goes to a cafe with his gf

Oh Shia LeBoeuf, how you make so many swoon. Oh no! Not with those shoes. It’s gotta be hot out in L.A., no? I’m sweating just looking at you, and not for the reasons we all think. Ok, those too. … Continue reading

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Shia LaBeouf’s Transformers 3 set location in Chicago|August 18, 2010.

Shia LaBoeuf and the Transformers 3 cast are still in Chicago. Today you can find them on Wabash between Lake and Randolph

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French armpit on Shia LeBoeuf’s face.

Looks like someone doesn’t like his picture being taken. Not exactly a pretty one anyways. Once upon a time, I used to love you. Now……..you look like you have a French woman’s armpit on your face. Why Shia? Why? Here … Continue reading

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Shia LeBoeuf & Carey Mulligan make out with their eyes open. Ewwwwwwww.

GAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!! That’s pretty much all I had to say to this. Oh, and why are your eyes open Carey? Weirdo. If I did that I’d constantly be thinking about how big the guys’ pores were. Our entire relationship would entail … Continue reading

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Shia LaBoeuf’s Wall Street 2 trailer

Here’s the trailer for Shia LeBoeuf’s new movie, Wall Street 2. I’m only putting this on here cuz I saw part of it being filmed when I was in NYC in November. I am not doing this because I think … Continue reading

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Shia LaBoeuf….is that you under that flavour saver?

I thought they hadn’t caught Bin Laden yet? OHHHHHH! My bad, it’s Shia LeBoeuf. You’re normally cute and funny and shiz, what happened? I blame Kristen Stewart. What does she have to do with Shia you ask? Nothing, she just … Continue reading

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Why do cute dogs always have douchebag celebrity owners?

Originally posted January 5, 2009 Saw this pic of Shia and a thought came to me…. Why do douchebags have such cute dogs? English bulldogs are my faves and they always seem to have such asshole celebrity owners. It’s like … Continue reading

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Lauralikey did NYC – who did I see?? Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Shia LeBoeuf, Jimmy Fallon

¬†Originally posted November 24, 2009 I’M BACK!!! To the 2 of you that actually noticed. I’m sorry for not blogging whilst I was away, but there was so much to do and so little time. By the time we got … Continue reading

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