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Southland S5 Premieres Tonight. Turn it the FUCK ON!

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I would just like to politely take this time to remind you to get the fuck off your computer/phone/tablet/whatever the hell your reading this on and get your ass in front of your television … Continue reading

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Southland is premiering February 13th, bitches!

Hey peeps. It’s getting closer and closer! “To what, Laura? The end of the world?” No, people. Those Mayans were wrong. Well, half wrong. The Kimye baby is indeed happening (Joke Re: Joel McHale). The Southland premiere! It’s approaching quicker … Continue reading

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Southland confirmed for Season 5- Fuck yes!

I got this little message today and loved it so I think I’ll share…. “From anon – Hi. Just wanted to tell you that Southland has officially been renewed for a Season 5 by TNT. bye..” Simple, minus the jibber … Continue reading

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Happy Southland season premiere day!

Happy season premiere of Southland day!!!! Season 4 of the fantabulous show airs tonight. Make sure you message me what you think. I want to know! I need to know! Listen to me, damn it! Your reaction is probably going … Continue reading

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The Cast of Southland shooting the hell outta shit

The cast of Southland got together a little while ago to shoot the f**k outta sh*t. Just for practice though! Luckily for us someone was there to film the entire thing. Ben McKenzie, Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, and newbie Lucy … Continue reading

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New Southland promos with Ben McKenzie!

While I’m in the Christmas spirit I will continue to post about people whom I love the MOST! I hope that you do too, but I already know that you do. I’ll also be posting so I can escape the … Continue reading

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Lucy Liu joins Southland & the boys get some action

Hey Southland watchers! This season is about to get good. Actually, it’s already good. I’ll start again…..this season is about to get super f**king fantastic. Better? They’ve just added some more female ass-kickers to the show. Lucy Liu is set … Continue reading

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Ben McKenzie & Soutland’ers in NYC this week!

Do you love Ben McKenzie? Do you live in New York City?! Read on! Ben McKenzie, along with his Southland costars Regina King, Michael Cudlitz and Shawn Hatosy, will be in New York City this week! They’ll be at the … Continue reading

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