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Rihanna & Katy Perry mingle at the Grammy’s with Drake, Adele, Nicki Minaj & the beautiful

The Grammys were last night (no shit) and a bunch of shenanigans went down. Actually, not really. The show definitely lacked in hi-jinx but exploded with love, respect and deserving winners. Let’s focus on the eye-pleasing, shall we? Adele stole … Continue reading

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Drake made girls shake & tremble in Toronto & NYC

The handsome and smouldering Drake has done a couple meet and greet autograph sessions this week to help promote and celebrate his new album, Take Care. He started off on his home turf, Toronto, to fans that began lining up … Continue reading

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Rihanna & Drake do it on stage in Toronto

Omg you pervs. Anyone who lives in Toronto knows that the ACC was the place to be last night. Rihanna put on the second of 2 shows for her Loud tour, and she was welcomed by the city’s most famous … Continue reading

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Anna Kendrick & Rihanna looka lika crappa

Why??? Anna, you were doing so well! What happened???!! Such a disappointment. I watched the Wizard of Oz when I was a kid and those freaky munchkins scared me silly. The witch was a whole other story. Let’s just say … Continue reading

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Rihanna’s got a new boyfriend. Some guy Matt Kemp. He likes Trojans for sure.

Apparently they’re making a sequel to Troy and Brad Pitt wasn’t notified. I didn’t know that Homer wrote anything following the Iliad, but I’m no literature major. Hey look! Rihanna got the part! Source: www.justjared.com

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Rihanna should walk ye plank! or her hair should…

Originally posted December 17, 2009 I love Rihanna, I really do. She’s got some kickass tunes out. I’m not even sick of her yet, a million singles later. That’s more than I can say for Beyonce. That girl needs to … Continue reading

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