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TIFF Fan pics! Johnny Depp, John Krasinski, Rachel McAdams & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hey kids! Remember when I told you that I wanted to see your Toronto International Film Festival pictures? I MEANT IT!! I am more than happy to share your stories and flaunt your beautiful faces alongside the celebs you love. … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum & Rachel McAdams get wet on the set of The Vow in Toronto, Canada

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams are in Toronto filming The Vow. Rachel is here all the time, but Channing sure isn’t. If you’ve got any filming locations for The Vow, feel free to let me know. I love rain scenes. … Continue reading

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Rachel McAdams likes real people too – In London, Ontario

Originally posted December 31, 2009 I like Rachel McAdams. I’d never watch The Notebook again, even if you paid me but she’s good people. She’s from London, Ontario. If you’re in the Toronto area, don’t mind driving for 2 hours, … Continue reading

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