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WE Day Toronto Brings Out Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes & Nina Dobrev to Help Inspire

2015 is the 8th year that WE Day has been in existence. Back in 2007, Craig and Marc Kielburger kicked off the festivities at the Ricoh Colisseum here in the TDot, and yesterday it continued with 20 000 kids at … Continue reading

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Jonas Brothers on Ellen *video*

Did you miss the Jonas Brothers on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday? Well, I just made your life a whole lot easier. Lucky you. I’ve never really followed the Brothers of Jonas. No, I don’t know their music really and … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas coming back to SMASH!

EXCITING!!! I blogged about how much I loved Nick Jonas of the Brothers Jonas on the new TV show Smash a little awhile ago. If you haven’t watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!! Anyways, I’m sooo excited to … Continue reading

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NIck Jonas plays horny teenager on Smash

Soooooo……. did you catch Nick Jonas on Smash or what? Haven’t you started watching this show yet? I told you to last week. There have only been 4 episodes so far so it wouldn’t take all that long to get … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas talks Jonas Brothers reunion & Smash

The young and ripe for the pickin’ Nick Jonas was just on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I kinda like those two bitches. All they’re lacking are a couple of alcoholic beverages to go along with their … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas making a fan a star!

I’m going to be talking about all things Jonas for the next few days so might as well continue with the trend. Nick Jonas has teamed up with Quaker during his downtime from his older girlfriend…. Which, by the way, … Continue reading

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Joe Jonas seen without Ashley Greene

The title says it all. Joe Jonas was out with brother, Nick Jonas, and some chick friend. First time he hasn’t been stuck to the hip of Ashley Greene in quite some time. It’s refreshing. She might as well carry … Continue reading

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Jesse Eisenberg & Nick Jonas are from the same chromosomal makeup, dammit.

Does anyone else see this????? Is it just me???? The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg and one third of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas look a lot alike. Maybe it’s the curly coiffure, or the striking cheekbones. What, they look the … Continue reading

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Jonas Brothers Hit up Toronto – September 2, 3, 2010

The Jonas Brothers are in Toronto for a couple days. Let the mayhem ensue. They played the Molson Ampitheatre last night, and again tonight. If you’re in the Yorkville area, or will be…head over to the F*** S****** to get … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas|Wet see-through t-shirt| Bad pick up lines. They go together so well.

I had just found a pic of Joe Jonas to make fun of and then I came across this one of his brother Nick. Yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh. Now if I was 10 years younger and “coincidently” in Thorpe park, England as well, … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas knows how to treat fans. Bout time someone showed some class

Found a couple videos of Nick Jonas from the other day.¬† He finished his rehearsals for Les Miserables in London,¬†England and was leaving the theatre. There was a crapload of fans waiting for him outside. This dude is suave. This … Continue reading

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Nick Jonas in Les Miserables in London’s west end

I think those circle jerkers are on to me. Great. That’s the last thing I need! Imagine what their weapons would be….. I was just in London, England, and now so is Nick Jonas. Apparently he’s going to take a … Continue reading

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