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Cory Monteith hosts|Robert Pattinson fights with Taylor Lautner|Ashley Greene looks naked| all @ Teen Choice Awards 2010

Teen Choice Awards air on FOX in a matter of hours, but they were pretaped last night. Crapload of “heartthrobs” there last night, but lets focus in on the only ones I give 2 sh*ts about. 1. Hello Cory Monteith. … Continue reading

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Edward Cullen has good taste! A look at Bella’s engagement ring.

So came across this pic the other day and thought it was cute. It’s the ring used in the movie Eclipse. It’s Bella’s engagement ring. It’s design was actually approved by Stephenie Meyer herself, apparently. Damn. Only way this ring … Continue reading

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New Twilight series book, but no Edward & Bella. NEXT!!!!!

Hey! Guess what Twilight fans! There will be a new book! But it’s not going to be Midnight Sun like everyone hoped it would be. Of course not. The new book is entitled “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” … Continue reading

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New Moon deleted scene. Kinda crappy

DELETED NEW MOON SCENE!! Kinda crap but still worth watching. All the extras are being leaked. At this rate I won’t have to buy the damn dvd. SWEET!

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Edward Cullen & Jacob Black merchandise gone too far. Although it does promote celibacy. Say no to VD’s!

This scares me more than words can say. When I first saw it I literally pushed myself away from my computer on my swivel chair. That says a lot. I don’t like to expend energy when I don’t have to.  … Continue reading

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New Moon wins 4 PCA’s – only Kellan & Taylor show up

Originally posted January 8, 2009 Kellan and Taylor were also at the People’s Choice Awards cuz New Moon won a crapload of statues. Hmmm…….Where are Rob and Gremlin???!!! INGRATES

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#1 worst couple of 2009 – Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Originally posted January 1, 2010 # 1 worst couple of 2009……drum roll please??? ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART (ROBSTEN) Are they dating? Are they not? They better not be fucking dating. What a way to ruin a multimillion dollar franchise … Continue reading

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New Moon DVD release date – shield yourselves from the twihards!

Originally posted December 29, 2009 NEW MOON ON DVD/BLU RAY/WOULD BE WICKED IF   THEY STILL MADE TAPES MARCH 22, 2010.

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Robert Pattinson kissed by rabid fan

Originally posted December 19, 2009 LOL AGAIN!! Twice in one day!! Ok, ok….so being Rob Pattinson must suck sometimes. Fans can be absolutely psychotic. I know this personally – I’ve witnessed it and criticized it and gotten my hair pulled … Continue reading

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Taylor Lautner becomes personal trainer

Originally posted December 19, 2009 LOL best news I’ve heard all day!!!! I hate stealing all of Perez’s material but whatev. I don’t have sources like he does. One day my pets, one day. So after all the working out … Continue reading

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Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein – he should be banned from wearing clothing permanently

Originall posted December 16, 2009 Kellan Lutz just signed a deal with Calvin Klein to be his new spokesperson. He wants to bring back the likeness of his campaign from the ’90’s. Now, where do they see the similarities???? 😛 … Continue reading

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Edward Cullen makes a good gift

Originally posted December 16, 2009 Melissa’s birthday is on friday. Mash-up pic of the year to come. Due to circumstances beyond my control (stupid work) I can not attend whatever festivities are planned. Last night, we gathered together to play … Continue reading

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