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Like Joe Manganiello? He’s in Toronto & You Could Meet Him

Remember that little movie called “Magic Mike” released last summer? Remember watching it repeatedly with your friends? Remember fast-forwarding to all the dance routines? Remember realizing the special features did that for you then not telling your friends ‘cuz they’d … Continue reading

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Let this video perk up your day | Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stripping on SNL

Feeling a little blue today? Lost that skip in your step? What? Yeah, I dunno. Who says that outside the 1940’s decade? You got the drift. I was a bit bored this morning so I decided to cruise the ‘ol … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets Channing Tatum – Toronto Magic Mike promo tour

Channing Tatum and all of his deliciousness made it out early this morning to do a round of Toronto morning shows. He was all bright eyed and bushy tailed too. Well, minus the tail but I’m sure we’d still do … Continue reading

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Channing Tatum makes fans squeal on Magic Mike set

These are the stories that I love to hear, ladies and gents. The amazing Channing Tatum made some girls scream with glee over the past few days. Channing has been in the Tampa Bay, Florida area for a little bit … Continue reading

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