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Lauralikey meets Darren Criss!

The Gleeks are in Toronto and they’ve been spotted all over town. Darren Criss was nice enough to talk to me, with the Warblers at his side. He seemed kinda tired – maybe being pulled off stage the night before … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets Nick Carter!!! @Nickcarter

NKOTBSB took up residence in Toronto for the last couple days and to my delight, spent some time on the streets. The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter took the time to sign some autographs, take some pics, and post a homemade … Continue reading

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Lauralikey meets – – Shania Twain!!

Shania Twain had a book signing in downtown Toronto tonight for the promotion of her new audiobiography entitled, “From This Moment On.” How was it?? Freaking fantastic! She was gorgeous! And surprisingly short. I find that most celebs are short … Continue reading

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Lauralikey reader meets Peter Facinelli

You know what I love? When fans meet celebs and the celebs were uber nice to them. Me likey. A Lauralikey fan and reliable contributer, Chelsea, met Peter Facinelli a couple days ago in the Vancouver/Vampire City airport. He was … Continue reading

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LauraLikey Live from L.A.

Heeeelllloooooo!!!! If you are reading this and you live in Canada…..sucks to be you. I only say this because I am leaving you in a matter of hours and can not be more ecstatic about it. No snow for 6 … Continue reading

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Lauralikey reader gets on Southland set with Ben McKenzie

I love it when other people meet the celebs they love. Love it! I was given a link to some pics of Ben McKenzie and the Southland crew from filming last week. After conversing with the owner, she allowed me … Continue reading

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Check out our Lauralikey Year in Review

Check out our Year in Review on a page all by itself. Look right, then up. It’s at the top right of this site ENJOY!

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LauraLikey meets Cory Monteith – – he’s here in Toronto and I’m speechless…

Lauralikey is one happy blogger today. One happy blogger indeed. Met Cory Monteith of Glee today, while he was starting his stay in Toronto for the Gemini awards. What a delightful chap. Delightful? Wrong choice of words. Tall mother f**ker … Continue reading

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Ben Mckenzie meets Lauralikey – oh, and The Glass Menagerie is good too

So today I met one of my future ex-husbands, and he was all that I thought he’d be. That’s right – – Ben McKenzie and I exchanged DNA through a hug. The bff and I saw his performance in The … Continue reading

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Lauralikey is going Hollywood! Literally!

LauraLikey is going to the West side! That’s right! As of tomorrow morning, I will be blogging live from Los Angeles, California. Actually, West Hollywood to be exact. I’ve already got some lovely celebs on the roster, including Ben McKenzie. … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage! Stay tuned for Robert Pattinson hang outs in London, UK.

I am apologizing now for the lack of posts that will/will not be posted in the near future. I’m going to Europe and well…I’m not rich enough to have retardedly good hotels that provide me with a computer. I’m not … Continue reading

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#1 worst couple of 2009 – Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Originally posted January 1, 2010 # 1 worst couple of 2009……drum roll please??? ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART (ROBSTEN) Are they dating? Are they not? They better not be fucking dating. What a way to ruin a multimillion dollar franchise … Continue reading

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