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Kristen Wiig & Darren Criss mingle with the crowd at Imogene premiere at TIFF

Gawd bless you, Kristen Wiig! She was fan-friendly today at the Toronto International Film Festival where she stopped by to premiere her latest flick, Imogene. Now, I don’t know much about this movie but I think there may be some … Continue reading

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Lauralikey’s take on the orgasm of awards season – the Oscars

The climax inducer of all award shows announced their nominees this morning. You know I’m talking about the Oscars. The golden, naked, chiseled statue is the dust collector every person associated with the film industry has wet dreams about from … Continue reading

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Darren Criss playing Kristen Wiig’s boytoy in new movie!!

Yessss, my pretty’s. I was quite delighted when I first read about this. Darren Criss is indeedy going to be around for awhile, and not just on Glee. Looks like he’s landed a role as Kristen Wiig’s boy-toy in the … Continue reading

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