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Katy Perry and Madonna Play With A Bit of Bondage for V Magazine

Katy Perry and Madonna both took to Instagram today to debut pictures from this summer’s upcoming issue in V Magazine. They’re both sporting leather and submissive poses to each other. I’d say it was like Madonna handing the torch down … Continue reading

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Rihanna & Katy Perry mingle at the Grammy’s with Drake, Adele, Nicki Minaj & the beautiful

The Grammys were last night (no shit) and a bunch of shenanigans went down. Actually, not really. The show definitely lacked in hi-jinx but exploded with love, respect and deserving winners. Let’s focus on the eye-pleasing, shall we? Adele stole … Continue reading

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Katy Perry & Russell Brand divorcing

This is so sad! You’re going to hear a lot of excuses for the demise of Russell Brand and Katy Perry‘s marriage, but that’s all they are! Excuses! We will never know the whole truth so please don’t speculate. I … Continue reading

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Taylor Lautner isn’t topless @vma’s…so sad. Katy Perry & Russel Brand

Oops! Someone left the gate open again and the puppy got loose! Taylor Lautner stopped on the black carpet. Abduction is out Sept. 23rd and you bet your left nutsack I’ll be there to watch it. Maybe not that day, … Continue reading

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I wish I had @KatyPerry’s boobs. Concert vid in Toronto.

Who saw Katy Perry in Toronto??? We did! We did! What was your fave part? PEACOCK!! Well, that and the Baker Boy

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Katy Perry launches “Purr” in Toronto. We were there!

Katy Perry took time out of her day today to stop by the Eaton’s Centre to promote her new perfume, “Purr.” She was 1.5 hours late, but I don’t give 2 shits. I’m usually a stickler for punctuality, but she … Continue reading

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Katy Perry @ Toronto’s Eaton Centre this afternoon for “Purr”

Hey kiddies! Katy Perry is still here in Toronto and she’s getting to work today. She had her first of 2 shows last night at the Air Canada Centre, and will have another tonight! I’ll post pics tomorrow. But this … Continue reading

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Katy Perry in Toronto

Katy Perry will be in Toronto tomorrow and the next day (June 29, 30) and we will have the scoop. Meet and greets, the show, her……stay tuned.

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Katy Perry & Russell Brand getting married October 23, 2010. Check out the dress.

This lady is getting married next weekend, October 23, 2010. Yes, Katy Perry Yes, to Russell Brand. You must be thinking the same thing as me…I know you are. I know, a veil totally doesn’t go with naked tits. Don’t … Continue reading

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Katy Perry’s boobs don’t look huge! Quick, someone rip off her shirt.

Holy toledo! Katy Perry’s boobs don’t look ginormous! Someone alert the authorities! What will we do??!! Well, someone at least alert Lady Gaga and tell her to calm it down for 5 minutes until Katy gets her act together and … Continue reading

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Katy Perry doesn’t wear much to the Much Music Video Awards

Do you remember like 10 years ago when those tear-away Addidas pants were popular? Yeah ok, so do you remember when the guys in the school hallway would pull the sh*t out of their friends’ pants and they would rip … Continue reading

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BLASPHEMY! Katy Perry shows off her crotch.

BLASPHEMY!!!! I just couldn’t help myself. Hey Katy Perry! I can see your HOO HOO!!!! …what a moron.

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