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John Mayer cancels tour & taking indefinite break from performing

News broke the other day that John Mayer will be cancelling his summer tour and taking an indefinite break from performing. A little while back John took a mini-break due the formation of a granuloma on his vocal cords. Well, … Continue reading

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John Mayer to play New Orleans Jazz Festival

I hope that John Mayer is feeling better. He may be the world’s worst boyfriend, but he is still the most kickass guitar player. I’m a huge fan and his concerts are worth every damn penny. He hasn’t been on … Continue reading

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John Mayer has vocal cord granulomas & postpones shows. NO!

I miss the old John Mayer. You know, before the twitter addiction and Playboy interview that made him look racist. Yeah, no one’s forgotten about that yet. I miss the random quips at concerts, the Local-83 fanclub and the haircut … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift’s got a new guy – Not Chord Overstreet

I’ve said Taylor Swift was my man-hunting hero many times, but I may be reconsidering. She’s gotten down (or successfully food many) with some of Hollywood’s hottest guys. This time I think she’s just pulling a good ‘ol John Mayer. … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift is the 20 year old I wish I used to be.

I just listened to the Taylor Swift song that disses the hell out of John Mayer. I have loved him in the past….but I get where she’s coming from. Hell, I’d never date him, but I’d listen to him play … Continue reading

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John Mayer hits Toronto with that sex face August 11, 2010

John Mayer is in Toronto at this very second. Every last inch of him, not that I’m counting. He has a show tonight. Be there or be square. Here’s a pic I took myself at the last show on Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Six Degrees of John Mayer’s Manhood – absolutely brilliant

You know how I love John Mayer? Well, I do. You know how I don’t like his manwhoring ways? Well, I don’t. I guess that’s why him and Taylor Swift were such a good match. They totally have this in … Continue reading

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John Mayer makes kids’ dream come true. Focus on that people, not the comments made before. F*ck, it’s over. Move on. The kid’s happy!

I really don’t know what to make of John Mayer. Kinda leaning towards the “I don’t give 2 f*cks what you say ‘cuz I like your music and I don’t want anything to ruin that” direction. If only more people … Continue reading

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John Mayer’s Toronto show – freakin’ wicked, especially when he talked about his Valentine <3

So…..saw John Mayer last night. LOOOOVVVEEEDDD ITTTT!!! Like I wouldn’t anyways, right? Kinda bias when it comes to the music I prefer. Who isn’t really. There’s been a lot of talk about John lately, I’ve been keen to post about … Continue reading

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John Mayer & I tonight in Toronto. Gawd I hope you talk a bunch of sh*t.

SEEING THIS BASTARD TONIGHT! F*ck, I love you. I’d love you more with duct tape across your trap, but I have to keep some dreams alive. I’ll be blogging about this tomorrow for sure! I’ll have great pics, as always.

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Ok, ok, we get it, you like to talk about yourself a lot. It’s ok, I forgive you. We all do it sometimes. You just do it to national magazines and tv shows. Just please, please, please, shut your mouth … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift buys new apartment, but how will she fit all those guys in only 3 bedrooms?

Taylor Swift bought an apartment in Nashville with her new millions of dollars. It’s got 4.5 baths and 3 bedrooms. Well, someone’s gotta be rooming with someone else then. Bunk beds? Sweet. How else would she fit all of her … Continue reading

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