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Robert Pattinson on Leno *video*

So who watched Rob Pattinson on Leno last night? I must admit…he gives a good interview. He’s always so giddy and bubbly. It’s kinda refreshing. Who else noticed the Edward hair? In the words of Melissa, “Ommggggggggg he’s so hot! … Continue reading

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Screw your bf & think of Rob Pattinson tonight. He’s on Leno

Just a friendly reminder that Robert Pattinson is on Jay Leno tonight. Perfect timing, right? A friday night. That way you can watch it and then go have sex with your significant other and think about Rob. Your welcome.

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Kellan Lutz talks inventions and porno on Jay Leno

Last night’s Leno was the shiz! My favourite lady was on (Chelsea Handler), followed by a god-like creature. That’s right, you guessed, or you scrolled down 2 posts – it was Kellan Lutz. He was there to promote some new … Continue reading

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NBC to Leno – You can suck it

So it’s official – in February when the Olympics start LENO is going off the air… Well, in the 10pm slot that is. You know, maybe NBC could leave things alone for 2 seconds so the public can get used … Continue reading

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