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Glee Tour starts today! Set list?

The GLEE tour starts today!!!!! In Las Vegas!! So excited! Can’t wait to see Darren Criss and Cory Monteith when they come here to Toronto. Oh, and Heather Morris too. Ok, ok, ok, the others as well. You know, there … Continue reading

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Glee’s Cory Monteith and cast do NYC

Glee is in New York City. Glee is in the biggest adult playground on planet earth. Better yet, Cory Monteith is in the biggest playground on planet earth and I want to ride the merry-g0-round. I don’t really know what … Continue reading

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Alex Pettyfer strips. Wow.

Ok so I don’t really know anything about Alex Pettyfer besides the fact that he’s in that new movie, I Am Number Four, and he’s dating his co-star, Glee’s Dianna Agron. Well, ok, I know one more, WAY more important … Continue reading

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Love: Mila Kunis as Crazy bitch, Dianna Agron & Eva’s dress I’d wear to pilates

These chicks nailed it! Some of the not-so-talked-about actresses too. Everyone has been “Natalie Portman this, Natalie Portman that.” I know about 5 girls that look just like her. She’s talented, yes. But did you see Black Swan? Mila Kunis … Continue reading

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