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Devon Sawa now a series regular on Nikita. Back to Toronto he goes!

Soooooooo excited!!! I’ll just get right to the good stuff without any dilly-dallying, k? Nikita is a kickass show and I watch for 2 reasons – Shane West and Devon Sawa. Ok, for the plot too. Well, it looks like … Continue reading

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Top 10 Men to Lust for in 2012

There are so many stars out there that don’t shine as bright as Brad Pitt and frankly, shouldn’t. This isn’t because they aren’t deserving, aren’t as bountiful in the gorgeous department or aren’t as talented. Who wants to? That dude … Continue reading

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Devon Sawa in Toronto again filming Nikita/blowing up my phone

Devon Sawa is in town, my town – Toronto, at this very second filming yet another episode of Nikita. Kinda figured this would happen considering the best episodes to air thus far are the ones he’s been in. *Aww, how … Continue reading

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Who watched Nikita last night? If you didn’t, & missed Devon Sawa, consider this a bitch slap

Who watched Nikita last night? If you did, bravo. If you didn’t and you’re just reading this post ‘cuz it’s about Devon, well…bravo. If you haven’t watched and and don’t care – F**k you. Watch it. Last night, Devon Sawa … Continue reading

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Devon Sawa filming 388 Arletta Avenue in Toronto – where he belongs!!

Devon Sawa is back on my turf for filming – this time not for Nikita. That’s right ladies, he’s here to film a movie entitled “388 Arletta Avenue” with his buddy Nick Stahl. According to IMDB, it’s about “a young … Continue reading

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Devon Sawa films Nikita in Toronto, Canada. His face used to plaster my high school locker.

Anyone remember this guy? I freakin do. So does my 16 year old self – very much so. I had the cover of the Teen Magazine he did once up in my locker for the longest time. Hells ya! I … Continue reading

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