Spice Girls make a musical – no Sporty, please.

  • SumoMe

Did you love the Spice Girls back in the day??

I know I did.

I even shelled out the cash and went to their reunion tour and saw them up close. I was surprised at just how skinny Victoria is AND Geri. She needs a Big Mac too. Now, none of them can sing but together they bring forth an energy that all women can relate and aspire to. Careful and precise managing and promotion are hard to come by. If you have the cash and blowjob skills behind it, you can do it. But so few really do.

I’m just playin’, I like them.

I hear they’re developing a musical about them in London. This has a lot of potential to be really bad – just like Spice World, but it could be good too. Just don’t let Sporty in on it. Baby was my fave. Well, her and Geri. They were the raddest!

Here’s a video of them from the tour that was RETARDEDLY good and no one watched it on my youtube account. Just cuz i like you, you can.

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