Southland confirmed for Season 5- Fuck yes!

  • SumoMe

I got this little message today and loved it so I think I’ll share….

“From anon – Hi. Just wanted to tell you that Southland has officially been renewed for a Season 5 by TNT. bye..”

Simple, minus the jibber jabber and straight to the point. Just how I like it.


I think I’m going to have a shot tonight to celebrate. Ok, it’s more like I’ll add another one to the already planned shitshow.

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One Response to Southland confirmed for Season 5- Fuck yes!

  1. or24 says:

    I was wondering why you’d been so quiet on the Ben-news front lately. Good to hear about the another season, hopefully with some longer scenes, compelling material and more character development with Ben having opportunities to interact with other characters and explore other avenues more in-depth.

    Please keep us posted on the latest. Ben should have more on tap before the series starts filming again, or I sure hope so!

    Thanks for spreading the official word.

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