Six Degrees of John Mayer’s Manhood – absolutely brilliant

  • SumoMe

You know how I love John Mayer? Well, I do. You know how I don’t like his manwhoring ways? Well, I don’t. I guess that’s why him and Taylor Swift were such a good match. They totally have this in common. Well, apparently there are  a  lot of other people that think the same way as I do! LOL I came across this well made, high quality chart that depicts the Six Degrees of John Mayer’s Manhood.

Absolutely brilliant.

A + material ….really.

You can really get a lot of information from this. I feel smarter already! That says something too. I’ve just spent the last 48 hours amongst the most drunken hooligans I could ever imagine. That and Ginger Kids. They f**k with your mind..


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