Shia LaBeouf’s Transformers 3 set location, Chicago, IL, August 3, 2010

  • SumoMe

Maybe I should be a little nicer to Shia LaBeouf. Maybe. Just maybe. I dunno though, I mean….when the class douche is a douche to you at school you don’t give him slack one day and let him have half of your lunch, do you? You talk smack about him behind his back, stare at him from the back of the classroom and daydream about how he must have a small penis or will luckily prematurely bald. That’s the normal thing, right? Maybe I’ll have another encounter with him and he’ll be nice. Hmm…well, if he’s a cock sucker twice I’m out. Gawd, women are so nice. Always giving out second chances!

If you’re in the Chicago area and want to check out the filming of Transformers 3, you’re in luck. They’ve been causing quite the ruckus there lately so it’s not hard to find the set. But, in case you’re traveling from a far off place…go….here…..

Van Buren Street between South Wacker Drive and South Canal Street. If you don’t believe me, here’s a pic of Shia from yesterday with the damn address in it.

Props out to olv for the local and jj for the pic

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