Santa brought me Michael Buble early!! He does exist!

  • SumoMe

It’s finally here!! It’s finally time!! My ears will be ringing with delight!!

Ringing ‘cuz I’ll be blasting this music like a Gino on the highway with obnoxiously loud rims and house music. Right, like you don’t shake your head.

Anyways, several boyfriends, husbands and man-friends will either be thankful or vengeful this holiday season. Michael Buble‘s Christmas album was released and is now available for all to fantasize to. Men will either be thankful for all of the sex they’ll be getting once their ladies’ ears get all twitterpaded from the songs, or not. Does it really matter if they’re thinking about you or not? Details, details.

I took a listen and liked what I heard. It may not even be Halloween yet, but it’s never to early to celebrate! My lazy ass neighbors leave their lights up all year long! This is nothing in comparison.

Enjoy peeps!

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