Robert Pattinson to shoot “Cosmopolis” in Toronto this summer

  • SumoMe

Robert Pattinson just signed on to do another movie once all the Breaking Dawn filming has ended. The movie is called “Cosmopolis,” an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s book of the same name. He plays the lead character, a dude named Eric Packer, who is somewhat of a wall street type of dude. He bets all of his money on the yen, which then somehow makes him a target, and all sorts of hooligans want to kill him. Kinda a futuristic setting as well. Wanna know what the best part is??

In the works to be shot in TORONTO this summer!!!! Of course, still just a rumour, but that would make my life. I think I just peed a little.

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One Response to Robert Pattinson to shoot “Cosmopolis” in Toronto this summer

  1. Kim says:

    Any horses in the movie? LOL Seriously, sounds exciting.

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