Robert Pattinson tells Letterman he likes to make his face twitch

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High quality videos make me happy. Thank you people who don’t have anything else to do. Thank you people who get paid to upload crap like this for people like me. Thank you youtubers for making my life so much easier.

Robert Pattinson appeared on Letterman last night to promote Breaking Dawn. The frenzy outside the stage doors when he arrived was quite the sight to see (like it wasn’t going to be). I love Rob! He’s so patient! I sure as hell wouldn’t be. If I had limbs and posters flailing in my face I’d be yelling “Back off!” or “My jaw still hurts from last night” just out of habit. Whole other post though.

Rob’s interview was good, like all of his interviews are, but it wasn’t that great. Dave wasn’t on the ball like he could have been. Again, Rob continued the trend of talking about hardcore Twi-moms, but also threw in a couple tactics he’s used to go unrecognized (best part of the chat). We all know the Jimmy Fallon interview is going to be the best one. Oh, Jimmy. Me heart you.

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