Robert Pattinson kissed by rabid fan

  • SumoMe

Originally posted December 19, 2009

LOL AGAIN!! Twice in one day!!

Ok, ok….so being Rob Pattinson must suck sometimes. Fans can be absolutely psychotic. I know this personally – I’ve witnessed it and criticized it and gotten my hair pulled right out of my head for it. True story! For another day though.

So some fan got too close and too excited. She got close enough to kiss Rob ON THE LIPS!! Afterwards she said she had just gotten over the swine flu!! Now, I’m no mating ritual expert, but I’d say that’s a no-go?

Rob was pissed and asked her why she was kissing anyone after having H1N1!! I wouldn’t even have said that. I would have asked the bitch if she looked good in orange, cuz yous goin to jail bitch.

Well, if you’ve never kissed anyone and never put your genitals to any use at all you’re kinda desperate. Enough to run through oncoming traffic to do so. That’s what this chick did. All her boyfriends are imaginary. This is what happens!!

My neighbour is a vet, Rob. I can get you a deal on your shots if you want. All that time around Kristen? Gremlins must be prone to something contagious. Worms?

Don’t be sad!!

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