Robert Pattinson in NYC March 1, 2010 for Remember Me premiere

  • SumoMe

Calling all stalkers. Calling all psychos. I know you hate that I call you that, but it’s time to embrace the truth. You might be interested in this information.

Robert Pattinson will be in New York City once again on March 1, 2010. That’s March 1st. After February 28th, but before March 2nd. It’s a Monday to be exact.

Wolfman will be there for the premiere of Remember Me.

He’s quick, he hides, he’s stealth. Good luck to all those up for the conquest. Send me pics of your successes and failures. I’d really love to hear them, honestly. And send me pics!

Gawd please make him shave beforehand!!!! He’ll be coming from France at that time and we all know the women don’t shave there. Yah, they go Native there.

Think about it.

Picture it.

Yeah, I’ll let that thought linger.


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