Robert Pattinson found in some bar in Montreal, Canada

  • SumoMe

Well, it was only a matter of time. Robert Pattinson was tracked down in Montreal this weekend by some fans. Lucky bitches! haha! Naw, from the pics that I saw and the comments that went along with it, he was happy to talk to them. He cracked a few jokes too. Here are a few lucky ladies in some bar in Montreal. I nicely covered their faces so people they know don’t see this and make fun of them. It’s either that or a lifetime of praise. Only the extremes when dealing with meeting celebs. “Oh you met Robert Pattinson? I’m so jealous!” Or the lovely “Oh you met Robert Pattinson? Wow, you’re a freaky stalker.” Meanwhile they’re insanely jealous. The latter is the more common, right?

Good luck to all those who also see Rob out and about. Just try to find him without Kristen around – she’s a twat!

And tell me all about it! I’ll congradulate you repeatedly.

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