Robert Pattinson does the Berlin film festival for Bel Ami

  • SumoMe

Robert Pattinson just got home from Berlin the other day. He was there for the world premiere of that movie he made a million years ago, Bel Ami. I don’t know what the hold up was. I mean, apparently he’s at least partially naked throughout most of the film. Why would you hesitate on that pot of gold? Maybe there was a douche bag leprechaun involved. Those rat bastards like to hog it all to themselves – greedy hooligans. Naked Pattinson needs to be spread around like a rebelling teenage girl. Who knows when this little gem will be in a theater near you, but you can ogle these premiere and press conference pics of Rob in the meantime. Anyone dig the penis-shaved-head look? Hmm?

Source: RPatznews


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