Rob Pattinson acts suprised by the award he knew he was getting at the People’s Choice Awards

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Robert Pattinson made a surprise (well, not really) appearance at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. The show isn’t as elite as it should be, so his appearance wasn’t anticipated. He’s kind of beyond that sort of hog wash, no? I’m KIDDING! Stop freaking out. Anyways, it looks like he finally cut his hair! Thank god!! Every time I’d see a pic of him on the net or see him on TV I’d want to ram my hand through the screen and put some dry shampoo on that head! Gawd love Rob though. He was there to receive the award for Best Movie Drama for Water for Elephants. F**k that movie got me. I suggest renting it/buying it. Anything with animals tied into a romance and I’m in. Marley and Me, what? I bawled like a baby for a week. Tai the elephant rules my heart. Don’t tell anyone though, I’m trying to keep up with my tough appearance.

P.S. Don’t mind Ashley Greene‘s appearance in one of the pics. I’m sorry.
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