Rihanna & Katy Perry mingle at the Grammy’s with Drake, Adele, Nicki Minaj & the beautiful

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The Grammys were last night (no shit) and a bunch of shenanigans went down. Actually, not really. The show definitely lacked in hi-jinx but exploded with love, respect and deserving winners.

Let’s focus on the eye-pleasing, shall we? Adele stole the show, but I already gave her her own post. Let’s focus on the queen’s minions, hmm? Let’s do it.

Hey Drake. How about you wear a tuxedo more often. How about you ditch the rest of your wardrobe and only make appearances in this outfit. You made my loins quiver-a-plenty. A PLENTY! There is a pool of saliva starting to form on the mouse pad of my laptop so I’ll stop. I get what it’s like to be a dude with blue balls at this moment.

Hey Katy Perry. I don’t care that my friends say you looked like an oompa loompa, I don’t think so. All of the dresses you wore last night were exquisite, including the She-ra outfit you wore while you were singing the Russell Brand bashing song. The crimped hair really nailed it for me too.

Hey Rihanna. I don’t think you’ve ever looked better. I can almost see your nipples but it’s not in a slutty way. It’s in a cigar-smoking-bar-leaning-smoke-circle-puffing-way. Classy. The only way you could have looked better would have been if Drake was sitting next to you.

Hey Katy Perry and Rihanna. I love that your’e friends. I would really like to be invited to that slumber party, and not in a sexy way. The only thing that could make the picture of the two of you better would again, be if Drake was in the middle. C’mon, we need a Drake photo bomb!

Hey Kelly Clarkson. You’re pure talent and more people should focus on that. You put those haters back in their high chairs last night.

Hey Nicki Minaj. I know you tried to pull a Gaga last night, but even she was shaking her head. Who cares though. You’re still getting more press than her today so you still win.

Lastly, I would just like to point out what no one is talking about. Amy Winehouse ‘s parents accepted an award with Tony Bennett for the duet they did together. Did we forget about her???? How sweet was that??!!!! The award, not the forgetting. Oh how quickly she was overshadowed. Sad.

Enjoy the pics. I need another coffee.

Pics courtesy of gettyimages.


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