Red Riding Hood premiere – Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman (nice) & American Idol

  • SumoMe

So we went to the Red Riding Hood premiere yesterday. Who was extra nice was a definite surprise. There were a bunch of the American Idol finalists there, but I haven’t watched it this season. You can take a look if you want to. Amanda Seyfried obviously was there, but just did a quick wave to her fans and then went inside. The fans who waited hours for her. She pretended not to hear them at first, but ….you can’t ignore screaming for long. Uh huh. Ryan Phillippe wasn’t even with her. The other star of the movie, Gary Oldman…delightful! He walked across the street (it was oh so far) to see the fans who were waiting and signs autographs and took pics with them.


Without bashing, you can tell who I’m a fan of and who I’m not a fan of.


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